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UFC4 Doo Ho Choi vs Joker EA Sports UFC 4 - Epic Fight PS5

  • UFC4 Doo Ho Choi vs Joker EA Sports UFC 4 - Epic Fight PS5
    Welcome to Doo Ho Choi UFC Fights channel.
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    The fights take place in the UFC 4 video game EA Sports. I make cosplay various video game characters, movie heroes or just famous personalities and release them to battle with UFC stars to make sure who is the strongest! Happy viewing and good time!
    In the comments, you can propose candidates for the fight.
    Doo Ho Choi was born on April 6, 1991 in Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province. From a young age I watched Pride tournaments, dreamed of becoming a professional MMA fighter, but for a long time did not have such an opportunity.
    When a jiu-jitsu gym opened near his house in 2008, he immediately began attending it, embarking on intense training.
    He made his debut in mixed martial arts at the professional level in November 2009 in Japan, forcing his opponent to surrender with the help of a painful technique called the elbow lever. In 2010, won the M-1 Global Qualifier, won the World Victory Road, and joined the Japanese promotion Deep.
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